Occupational Therapy

Support at every step.

Always looking forward
and creating the best outcomes

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Thrive with the
latest technology

We use innovative solutions to find assistive technology that will increase your independence and safety. From small items such as an electric toothbrush through to a high low bed or stair lift, the My Therapy Crew team are here to support you with finding the right device.

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Increase your

Our experienced crew members can complete Functional Capacity Assessments to find the right solution for you to maximise your independence. They also help explain to the NDIS why you might need things like an increase in supports or a change in housing.

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Develop your

Learn and regain the skills you find difficult with a supportive, attentive team who understands your preferred activities. We’ll help you develop skills in areas like self care, fine and gross motor skills, social interaction, emotional regulation, cognition, and general life tasks.

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Live in
a safe home

Our experienced team understand the lengthy process involved in changing your home to suit your needs. We’ll liaise with you, your carers, builders, and the NDIS at every step to ensure your home is the safest it can be.

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Learn your
sensory preferences

Get sensory strategies tailored to your individual needs. Our team can complete Sensory Assessments to determine if aspects of sensory processing are contributing to performance challenges in your daily life.

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Regain the ability to drive safely after injury or illness. With a thorough driving assessment focusing on deficits that could impact safe driving, our experienced OTs make recommendations to assist you in driving again.

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Make your
car work for you

Sometimes, your vehicle needs to be modified. These modifications can help you drive independently or support your needs as a passenger. The options are endless. Your OT will conduct an appropriate assessment and help through all aspects of this journey.

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Engage with
your community

Get support for your everyday activities. Whether you need a little help with public transport, grocery shopping, visiting a local café, or attending social gatherings, our Occupational Therapists work with you to develop or regain independent access to your community.

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Improve your
quality of life

We use an evidence-based approach to help you manage conditions like stroke, brain injury, spinal cord injury, and progressive illnesses like Parkinson's Disease. Our goal is to reduce your symptoms and help you regain function so you can live a more independent life.


Making a positive impact

You are at the centre of everything we do. Our goal is to have a positive impact on you, your family, and everyone else involved in your journey. If you feel something is important and meaningful, we're here to help you with it whatever it may be. We want you to flourish! Our team is committed to helping you improve your quality of life and independence in ways that matter to you.

It is our mission to provide support that smiles with skills that excel.

My Therapy Crew is dedicated to helping you flourish

My Therapy Crew’s Principal OT has nearly 20 years experience. As do several of our Senior Therapists. Our Senior Team provides extensive supervision to all new therapists, with additional in-house professional development every week. When needed, our Senior Team accompanies our younger therapists for additional support at no extra cost to our clients.

We provide the best supervision and support so you receive the best outcomes.

Frequently asked questions

Supporting Brisbane

We deliver OT services across Brisbane. Our service area for Brisbane includes Brisbane's Southside, Logan, Ipswich and Northern Gold Coast or at our clinic in Upper Mt Gravatt.  We also have an Allied Health Assistants based in the Moreton Bay Region who can carry out your OT plans if you live in this area.

Contact our crew

Our main clinic is centrally located on Level 2 at 1808 Logan Road, Upper Mount Gravatt.

We now also have clinics in

  • Eight Mile Plains
  • North Lakes
  • Sunshine Coast
  • Darwin

If you are interested in being seen by one of our friendly clinicians, please complete the appropriate intake form below to register your request for therapy services from our crew in that region.

We will make contact with you once we have availability. Please feel free to contact us at any time to check in.